The things you own end up owning you.

23 March 08

. Ilhan’s Selcuk’s release and the discussion on the Ergenekon issue

. Hurriyet reports: Nevruz Savaslari: Nevruz Wars”

. Hurriyet reports again, “Halka mesir macunu atti – lüten oyuna gelmeyelim”, PM Erdogan “threw mesir candies to the people…please let us not be tricked”


.yenisafak reports, “Menderes Havaalanı’nda sehpaya çıkarak konuştu” “he spoke at the Menderes airport by stepping up on to a coffee table”. Stepping up to the stand, in Turkish also means, the last step before being hanged down by your executioner, also the place, the Menderes Airport in Izmir is a reference on Menderes’ story. To recall, Adnan Menderes, former member of the Free Republican Party and the Republican People’s Party, the key figure of the Democrat Party movement who governed the country during the era of 1950-60, up until his execution following the first military coup d’etat of the Turkish Republic on May 27, 1960. Virtually all right wing populist political parties in Turkey somehow embraced the political vision of Menderes, and his execution is a popular image. The Justice Party – Adalet Partisi of the 1960s and 1970s of Süleyman Demirel took its name from the word “justice”, which means “justice” to the former DP members and their fate. However, even with enormous popular support, justice could not come. The AKP or the “Justice and Development Party” also mentions the word justice. However this time justice is also to the conservative segment of the population who hitherto been constrained upon the “turban-headscarf” issue. 

The above picture is the picture of Turkish politics, spontaneous speeches, who cause the listeners to cry with tears, reports Yeni Safak. Populism is the very problem of the Turkish politics. No government ever touched the issue of military coups, or the illegal actions of illegal or paramilitary organisations. Sad but true


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