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State Minister in Charge of Foreign Trade Visits India

Turkey’s Colourful State Minister Kürsat Tüzmen visits India 🙂

I am a follower of Tüzmen’s speeches and foreign visits. I do think that he inherited the Özalian approach of taking plane full of investors to foreign lands and the minister acting as a brooker between the state and the private sector. Tüzmen also likes to speak about his role in order to achieve this grand goal 🙂 Zaman daily reports: “Tüzmen, “Sadece ticari mantıkla insan ilişkilerini yürütmek mümkün değil. Bütün bu yaşam biçimlerini ve kültürleri öğrendiğimizde, bu bilgiler ticaretin kalitesine de yansıyacaktır.” değerlendirmesini yaptı.” – “Tüzmen, it is not possible to manage human relations with pure commercial logic. once you learn all sorts of living and culture, these wisdom will also reflect itself to the quality of the commerce.”(1)

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Tüzmen continues: Hinduların Holi’si, Müslümanların Mevlid’i, Farsların Nevruz’u ve Hıristiyanların Goodfriday bayramları bu yıl aynı zamana rastlıyor. Roughly he is saying that this year,Hindu’s Holi, Moslem’s Mevlid, Persians Nevruz, and Christian Good friday. At the same time, in the South East region of Turkey, people are fighting with the police and the army in the streets.  Tüzmen forgets to mention the Nevruz of the Kurds, and every year Turkish state also congratulates Nevruz. One day Tüzmen should really attend a real ceremony in his own country, and i am very curious about how he will connect this with the capitalist logic… wait and see. show goes on.



March 24, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily

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