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Cracked like a watermelon?

Murat Belge, a critical intellectual commented in his latest column that he has never seen Turkey so divided. NOwadays, different metaphors are in circulation, such as “we are all in the same ship”. Or divisions, I will use the watermelon metaphor. Nowadays, Turkey a non-hegemonic state/society complex, experiencing one of its strongest turbulences in which all sides retreated back to their trenches, and ready for the final countdown. The latest process is simply threatening the AKP to be banned and its highest echelons to be sidelined. The Constitutional Court, according to many in the AKP, under this legal constellation would eventually be shut down, and every harsh critic nowadays would just lead the AKP to make simply more mistakes which can be used in the process.

One of the alternatives discussed is that the CHP plays the role of the “saviour of the democracy” the role of an interlocutor and sides with Erdogan, with one definitive condition, that of retreating from the “headscarf” issue, and in their terminology to play with the secular fundamentals of the Republic. of course this is something which AKP would not accept according to me. we will see the process but I guess, first, the AKP would try to calm down the process. try to get away from this image of a “lame duck” and show strength and reflect this to the upcoming local elections, and bring the issue to a popular referendum.  of course such an attempt would lead the way to the above image of the cracked watermelon.

lets see..


April 5, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish Politics

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