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Hürriyet Partisi – Freedom Party 1955-1958

During the 1955, some members of the DP resigned from their posts and decided to leave the party to create a new movement albeit with small chance of success.

this will be an article on the Hürriyet Partisi the Freedom Party.

such themes will be covered:

– The Forum Magazine and the intellectuals in 1950s

– The DP as a coalition of rural and urban elements, Menderes representing the rural base, Bayar representing the Is Bankasi – aferistler – or to say the urban elements.

– the clash between the urban intellectuals and liberal minded bourgeoisie, especially that of the manufacturing or the industrial bourgeoisie and the rural, populist elements

– populism versus technocratism

– uneducated masses and the self-attained role of the “enlighters” which means in the Turkish context the “importers of knowledge and ideas”, the interlocutors between the wider world and the historical structures, and the Enver’s Albania like, closed Turkey,

– The connection between the dissidents and the 1960 coup’s aftermath, the ideas of the Hurriyet Partisi and the Forum and the Hedefler Beyannamesi of the CHP, and the 1961 constitution,

– 1957 elections and the plan to portray the parliament as a constitutional assembly, aiming to write the new constitution and change the election law and then lead the country to elections,

– Menderes’ perceptions and the importance of them being the DNA of the Turkish populism, or the conservative-nationalist wing.

– Lütfi Karaosmanoglu, the portrait of a unusual politician

– The correlation between the Hurriyet Partisi and the Yeni Demokrasi Hareketi – the NEw Democracy Movement of the 1990s,

– HP’s economic and social policies


Furthermore look at the article by Burak Özcetin and Sibel Demirci “Hürriyet Partisi” in Modern Türkiye’de Siyasi Düsünce, Iletisim Yayinlari, Cilt 7 – “Liberalizm” pp.541-547


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