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Eric Hobsbawm – Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism

Eric Hobsbawm : “Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism

Hardcover: 192 pages – Publisher: Little, Brown (5 Jul 2007)

Language English

The latest book of Eric Hobsbawm is comprised of “10” essays,  most of what are the manuscripts of speeches given by the author in different episodes in different venues. However, we can overall say that the main motivation of piling these essays under a general heading derives from Hobsbawm in his words “lifetime habit of wanting to teach, that is, to persuade as well as to expound”. Therefore we can discern repetitions in his book, but these are indeed vital to emphasise a point which the author tries to communicate with the broader audience.

Hobsbawm says in the introduction that he wants to focus on “five” main themes:

– the general question of the war and peace in the 21st century,

– the past and future of world empires,

– the nature and the changing context of nationalism,

– the prospects of liberal democracy,

– the question of political violence and terror.


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  1. I have read only one book by Hobsbawm, his Age of Extremes. It is a comprehensive history of the “short” 20th century, from World War I to the fall of the Berlin Wall (end of Soviet Union as a single power). I was very impressed by his erudition, as well as his broad view of historical events.

    Comment by silverseason | January 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes, Hobsbawm is one of the biggest authorities in “world history”. He also has a nice book, where he explains his youth in london and the jazz music of the time. completely personal but wonderful 🙂

      Comment by seriesofhopes | January 6, 2010 | Reply

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