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Turk’s Head Chop House – Dublin – Ireland

Lately, while I was roaming around in Dublin – Ireland, I came across a bar. Its name just striked me “Turk’s Head Chop House est.1760”. I was very curious about how come a bar is called like this, I mean I never heard that Turks’ were in Ireland before. Especially, it’s icon near the door, brought me back to Istanbul in a second, and I really liked this bar. Later I sent them an email and asked whether they can help me to track back the history of the bar and why it is specifically called like this. The staff was extremely kind and spared some of their time and wrote me this email. I am putting it here so that anybody interested in the name of this bar can inform themselves… nice place to drink a pint of guiness indeed.

“…When the current owners purchased the property back in 1993 it was called The Parliament Inn.
The owners contacted a local historian to try and find out what the property had been called years ago to see any suitable names and unfortunately this search came up blank for a specific name though there a few suggestions non could be confirmed 100%.
However – the property itself as you probably know is in Temple bar which is the main eating and drinking area of the city – a tradition that goes back centuries.
Back in the 18th Century the boats used to dock on the river life and the sailors and merchants would do their business in the bars and taverns on Temple Bar.

Full of dodgy deals and drunken seamen – the place was a wash with Scandal and rumour. The Turk`s Head Chop House was one such place and in fact one of the most popular in the area – due to the loose woman that had rooms above the pub – Because of it`s popularity – the name was selected for here.

Why it was actually called Turk`s Head Chop house- well there are 2 rumours.
1) is it was owned by 2 Turkish brothers – so all the foreign Merchants would gather there making it a vibrant and colourful place!
2) A Turkish man got his head chopped off for selling on stolen or bad goods – so in turn it because a popular place for trusted deals as they wouldn’t stand for any dishonestly.
I personally think that the 1st one is more truthful – but that is up to you!
Hope this has been of help to you
Regards ”

April 29, 2008 - Posted by | Cities I Like


  1. Hi, I am Alessandra Demadonna. Last Saturday my handbag was stolen in your nightclub. I have already left my information, but it wasn’t found anything. Don’t you have any Camera to see this Fucking thief(excuse me the word) ??? Please, let me know as soon as possible. All my documents and my tihngs were in and I need them. Thank you a lot for your attention.
    Alessandra Demadonna

    Comment by Alessandra | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. dear alessandra,
    i am sorry to hear about your experience, however, i can not help you. this is just a personal webpage, and has absolutely nothing to do with Turk’s head chop house, i was just there 1 years ago as a regular beer drinker.
    good luck

    Comment by seriesofhopes | October 15, 2008 | Reply

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