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Thought on the Debate over the May 1, 2008

Another point to look at the AKP’s heavy-stance towards the demands on celebrating May 1 as a national holiday in the historic Taksim Square can be the dichotomy between the Cold War Mentality and the Post-Cold War developments. According to the Cold War mentality which prevailed in Turkey the left was to be silenced a la McCarthy, and this stance reflected itself through the articles 141 and 142, the demonising of the left, the Associations to Fight With Communism which spread through Anatolia and established the backbone of the bloodshed during the late 1970s, para-military organisations within the state apparatus to fight covertly for the cause. Robert Cox in his last book took this theme of “covert world”, i.e., the remnants of the Cold War logic, which continued to exist but in a mutated form within the nation states. In Turkey we saw them in the fight against the Asala, and in 90s, we saw them as local bullies, and the smoking gun of the state secret apparatus. AKP’s stance towards the demands on May 1, clearly demonstrates that this education is embedded in the minds of the AKP elite who were socialised during the 1970s, and as militants of the Islamist Erbakan school, a staunch enemy of the “reds” in Turkey.

Mr. Erdogan and his party likes to be perceived as the Europeanised face of the Islamists, or what was it? conservative-democrats. Funny that Mr. Erdogan who began his career as a member of the IETT, Istanbul’s transportation network, and was proud to take in strikes, yeah “Justice for All”, but only for all who are one of us…

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April 30, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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