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1960 coup: 14s – 14’ler

Milli Birlik Komitesi – Committee of National Unity was initially comprised of 38 members. there was two visible divisions within the Committee, we can term them as the “radicals” and the “moderates”. The Radicals were the ones who carried out the 27 May coup breaking the golden rule of hierarchy within the ranks of the army. The Moderates were the high-ranking members who joined the movement in the aftermath, and they aimed to play a balancing role and a communication channel with the outer world.

The average age of the radicals was 37.2 years whereas the moderates had an average of 45.3. There were no generals within the ranks of the radicals. On November 13, 1960, the moderates took the initiative and purged the radicals from the ranks of the I.CNU, they were also forced to retire from the Turkish Armed Forces and were sent to foreign posts to cut their contact within Turkey. Accordingly:

1. Alparslan Türkes – New Delhi

2. Orhan Kaibay – Brussels

3. Orhan Erkanli – Mexico City

4. Münir Köseoglu – Stockholm

5. Mustafa Kaplan – Lissabon

6. Muzaffer Karan – Oslo

7. Sefik Soyuyüce – Cophenagen

8. Fazik Akkoyunlu – Kabil

9. Rifat Baykal – Tel-Aviv

10. Dündar Taser – Rabat

11. Numan Esin – Madrid

12. Irfan Solmazer – Den Haag

13. Muzaffer Özdag – Tokyo

14. Ahmet Er – Tripoli


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