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A Psychological Analysis of AKP’s Attitude on May 1, 2008 Taksim Incidents

One should not be a clairvoyant to see the storm coming, it is at the end since 1977 the same old tape erased and rewound and put forward once more to play. However this year’s incident is fruitful for psycho-political analysis. The AKP, who proudly plays the “neglected” – “the sidelined” and the “beaten” element of Turkish politics, is nevertheless experiencing its direst straits of its short history, can at the same time play the role of the “beater”, the “angry father”. Or it is much more like a chain effect, the father beating the son, and the son beating both the mother and the sister in respond, of course like a butterfly effect, the chain goes on. These moments shows the real face behind the façade of democratic, eu-close minded conservative democrats.

this is the 6th May 1 in Taksim with the same government and with the same results or to put it with increasing police violence. The government has done nothing to put an end to the escalation, nor did they show sympathy to democratic demands of many thousands. Unfortunately, AKP once again pushed back a golden chance to show its critics that it is a party with extreme learning and adaptability capacity, a genuine representative of the civil society and flourishing democracy. pity indeed. instead they chose the well-known attitude, “Hit the RED!”.

Another implication of this incident, was Mr. Erdogan’s wise! approach “If foots became the heads”, also motivated the security forces to show the foots their place. The “solo-leadership style” of the AKP creates more havoc then comfort in such escalations. Another psychological symptom is that the “Obedience to the Lord”, which also makes Erdogan’s words precious.


May 8, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily

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