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No Stopping: Full Stream Ahead: 74.1% of Turkey lives below the Poverty-line

According to a study done by the “Ankara Chamber of Commerce” 10.871.252 Turkish citizens find themselves below the “hunger-line” this makes something around %15.4 of the whole population, whereas overall %74 of the whole population lives today under the poverty line. Of course Prime Minister Erdogan does not want to see this sheer reality, and the latest trial on his party also gives him once again the chance to speak critical about the AKP’s economic and social policy. Quite strangely, Prime Minister Erdogan, advocated that all families should have at least three children to further sustain the youth population of Turkey. The controversy about the AKP’s election tactics, such as giving free coal and food supplies to families before the polls makes the picture clear.  A society which has lost its  middle class, which is indeed directly connected to the election inspired social packages of the AKP.  yeah yeah yeah, no stop, full stream ahead, soon Turkey will reach the Mexico standards, or other Latin American countries. 5% dancing in joy, 95% watching to catch the AKP’s nutrition boxes….


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May 11, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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