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Don’t Touch My Raki – Hürriyet’s Raki Confusion

Nowadays, whilst socio-politically reading the mainstream Turkish newspapers we can come across to open disinformations. Yesterday, Hürriyet online announced the new Bill on the Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages with the headlines “Bir Kadeh Raki Artik Yasak – One Glass of Raki Up till now is Forbidden”. I said to myself what is going on, the article was written in such a provocative style, in a presentist attitude, to strengthen the allegations over the AKP’s hidden plans to transform Turkey into a so-called Türkorabia. Later, I checked other news agencies and saw that the new law only covers places which has no licence to sell alcohol. Later today, I checked Hürriyet, and realised that they have another article on the issue: “a Glass of Raki is ok, dont let the heads be confused”. Aha, I was but confused. I mean you are the so-called biggest newspaper of Turkey, and once you put headlines don’t you check the realities, or ask the institution in charge of this bill for clarification. I think we are approaching a dark tunnel in Turkish politics. It reminds me the pre-28 February (Subat) salvos and social engineering. Let’s wait and see, but meanwhile don’t touch my raki 🙂


May 14, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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