The things you own end up owning you.

Kanaltürk and Tuncay Özkan

Turkish Web-site “” posted a wonderful photo of the latest media phenomenon: Tuncay Özkan. The photo describes the latest psychology of Özkan in a striking way. Özkan was one of the figures of the main media establishments and he travelled through the Dogan Holding, Cukurova Holding and also wrote articles in both Holding’s newspapers and worked for the main TV-stations as a political pundit.  Following his purge from the mainstream media he became a desperado figure and  opened a self-declared war against the AKP and the mainstream media. he also organised the movement: how many people are we? and reached the number of 1.000.000. he established the Kanaltürk TV, and the by then President Ahmet Nejdet Sezer, who was proud not to leave his Cankaya resident, and never went to a private tv opening nor programme, individually took part as the President of the Republic in the ceremony.  These were the hey-days of Özkan, he elevated himself to a civil society leader, but the dilemma was it was built upon his character, his populism and the civil society was just a cover, he inherited in his DNA all the political symptoms of Turkish populism, the cancer cell in the body.  After the fall of the CHP-MHP scenario, and after Özkan’s elevating aspirations to play a political role within the CHP, or in case to declare his own political party. He became a real desperado and his TV channel nearly reached the point of complete failure. he then like all pragmatic populist personalities, forgot his claims about the kemalist fight against the fettullah movement, the reactionaries, the cob-web heads, the bla blas, and shook hands with a businessmen from that clan. in his latest TV appearance, Özkan was showing symptoms of deep personality disorders. He was in a constant ego-therapy session of forcing others to justify himself. he was asking the camera man , since when aren’t you got paid? or Emre, the moderator, tell me did I ever leave anybody behind? did i ever not helped anyone of our movement? and then he directs his fear to his former colleague Ismet Berkan from the radikal newspaper. Radikal in a sarcastical way asked bizkacparayiz? how much do we cost? Because Kanaltürk was sold for 25 million dollars but then it became clear that there were other clauses. the mismanagement of Özkan, his ego boom, and his lack of transparency paved the way to a total tragic-comedy. 1.000.000 people who backed Özkan are now dissapointed, surprise, surprise!!!.


May 16, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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