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Necromancy or Tansu Ciller re-loaded?

Conjuring up the death, or necromancy is a part of the mental dictionary of black magic. Accordingly, people with magic qualities had the privilege to communicate with the spirits of the death to foresee the future.  In old cultures and some other surviving cultures in distance areas such practices continue to be an important dimension of social life. though in some other places of the worlds, this practice is completely sidelined as the culture, ideas and material capabilities lead to the emergence of new intersubjectivities and the establishment of new social habits. however, in some certain moments, in case of acute disorientation group of people can turn back to this ritual albeit in a perverse way.
The case of Tansu Ciller is one of the reflections of such a perversity. To recall, Tansu Ciller was the first women to hold the seat of the Prime Minister in the history of the Turkish Republic. However, though presented as an economist and liberal minded “wonder”, the so-called “sarisin güzel kadin , blond, beautiful women” as the Turkish media once called her, came up to be another corrupt , populist politician. widespread allegations of economic misuse were reported, and even once a professional thief managed to receive 10.000 Euro from the Prime Minister’s account to organise a Kemalist supporter base in one Istanbul district. nevertheless, following the 2002 elections, Tansu Ciller’s DYP, though achieving 9.9% of votes, could not reach the 10% national threshold and stayed out of the Parliament. Tansu Ciller resigned from his post in the aftermath of the elections and openly declared to resign from politics in tears (1).

Nearly 6 years passed on by then, Mehmet Agar, the cult figure of the calamities of the 1990s, the fight between the Turkish troops and the PKK, became the leader of the DYP – True Path Party or – Demirelin Yolu Partisi (Demirel’s way party, it was a joke during the post 12 September 80 era, whilst the leader of the Justice Party was in custody). Agar played his cards on a coalition with ANAP before the elections to secure a place in the Parliament, which would also mean his immunity, however, the game ended with calamity. the so-called sycamore of Turkish centre-right tradition, DYP virtually erased from the political topography of Turkish Republic.

Coming back to necromancy, the leading elite of the party, or the remnants once realised the sheer reality, that they have no chance in the upcoming local elections nor in the next elections, began to use the old tactics of necromancy. also the political aura, the trial of the AKP and the doom day scenarios surely gave them a boost. a new asabiya to use Inb-Khaldun, a new imagined community. however no imaginations has the chance to flourish upon the usage of circumstances through populism. The Turkish people, erased the corrupt politicians of the 1990s, or to put it bluntly – the lost decade. In the subsequent elections they showed this tendency once more and broke the backbone of the Turkish centre-right ANAP-DYP, the masters of calamities of 1990s.

So we will watch and see, if absurd ideas can flourish into tragic-comic situations. Forza Tansu Ciller, the nation missed their sista!



May 16, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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