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And the Comedy Goes On: CHP opens a repsesentation bureau in Brussels

During the last weeks, in the midst of the cacophony of Turkish politics, a report which only covered small margins in national newspapers is actually worth analysing (1). Accordingly, the polit bureau sorry MYK Merkez Yönetim Kurulu – The Central Administrative Council headed by the Chairman sorry Genel Baskan – Party Leader Deniz Baykal decided to open a representation bureau in Brussels. Ertugrul Özkök of the so-called Admiral Ship of Turkish newspapers, Hürriyet also touched this topic in his latest article (2). Accordingly the top candidates are the members of the Old-Guard, retired Ambassadors Onur Öymen and Sükrü Elekdag. They are both in a literally sense and in terms of reality old, Elekdag was born in 1924 and Öymen in 1940. Their avarage age is 76. I dont think that Elekdag would take over this role, and Öymen would be the man. So the right hand man of Deniz Baykal, a ideological twin, Öymen would represent the CHP in Brussels.

I guess both candidates are splendid choices. Because these people indeed show the real face of the CHP leadership and they have to represented there. It is also reported that the representation in Brussels would put importance to establish relations with the other members of the Socialist International (From which RPP is not purged yet, only due to not completely cutting the relations, or at least to sent signals of reality instead of complete lost) and the rest of the political panorama as well. This will be a fantastic experience for both sides. After meeting the CHP, the European political parties will realise that, it is not a joke in the corridors of the European union, but it is indeed reality, that the RPP leadership is completely cut from the reality. I guess this can be a shock at the beginning, however, what makes me more curious is, how will the CHP delegation behave. As far as I can foresee from the historical experience, and speculate they will stick back to their hardline stand, will teach the Europeans about the “unique” and “special” balances of the Turkish society and so on, and as they behave domestically they will behave externally and instead of building consensus they will eventually end to critics. A second bureau of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, or quite interestingly 1980s version of the TFM, a spectre of the history back on the scene. I guess, it will end up like the endeavours of the Selim III, who opened the first permanent delegations in European capitals in the early 19th century (1790s onwards). After a while, Selim saw that this method brings nothing a new (because the attitude was not changed from the Ottoman side, no flexibility but rigidity) and turned back to the former low key representations. Let’s wait and see, the comedy will go on…


May 20, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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