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Foreshocks of the Upcoming Earthquake?

The negative energy between the government and the Judiciary in Turkey were partly relased yesterday, which can be taken as an important determinant of the foreshocks of the upcoming earthquake. After some time of silence, the Chief justices of the Supreme Court issued in a joint statement and immediately hit the news. the statement is indeed a harsh one that claims that “the independence of judiciary could not have been digested,” and the recent attitude of the ruling party is ” aimed to form a judiciary that is protected and controlled by executive organ.” Furthermore, the members of the judiciary are complaint by the AKP politicians to the European counterparts, Furthermore as Hürriyet reports: “The content of the draft law is not in line with the basic principles of “secular republic, rule of law and the independency of the judiciary,” and this created justified reactions, it added. “The intense and correct reaction of the nation suspended the process of changing the constitution however the 10th and 42nd Articles of the constitution amended with an uninterrupted speed.” (1) According to the judges “first serious tension started at an unexpected time with an unnecessary way.”

This was the first round of the foreshocks, it was followed by other major ones. First the Justice Minister Mehmet Ali Sahin took the stage and according to Zaman (2) he said “This statement has come out of the blue. I cannot understand why the court released such a statement when there was no need for it. There is an argument in the statement suggesting that there are efforts to bring the judiciary under the control of the government. Neither the judiciary nor the government is under the control of the other, and they should not be. There has never been such a situation to this point, and there won’t be in the future.”

The third blow of the day came from the government spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek. He said that “The public statement has no democratic or legal legitimacy. It is a political statement and as such it can’t be accepted…the judiciary has interfered with legislative and executive power, overstepping its authority. Çiçek also accused the Supreme Court of Appeals of acting “like an opposition political party, intending to influence the pending closure case at the Constitutional Court.

In a normal democratic country, things like these do not happen everyday and three times in a day. The Judiciary cannot and may not issue such a statement, and the governemnt will not and may not put its own judiciary into such a position. To put the long story short, these comments highlights the psychological atmosphere in Ankara. There is a fight between the organs of the country, and this fight is paving the way to a widening rift. In Turkey judges do not talk frequently and so harshly, it reminds me the pre-1960 coup d’etat days, in which the governemnt turned a blind eye to the demands of the universities, judiciary and other civil society actors, led to the confrontation which eventually ended up with a total mess. we do hope that such a thing do never take place again in Turkey. But as stated, these developments shows the psychological dram once again.  and therefore, both sides had to be cautious, but cautious under stress? we wil see..


May 21, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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