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Searching for the Informer – Akp and the Reuters Report

on May 19, 2008, Reuters published a report on the “AKP”, and accordingly a government minister, who declined to be named, told Reuters. “The AK Party will be closed, Erdogan is expected to be banned and some other members too,” “This view is shared by many in the cabinet.” (1)

Another Senior AK Party member, who declined to be named, also told Reuters. “I’m very worried for Turkey’s future, but our fate lies in the hands of the 11 judges and we can only predict what they will decide,” “The mood is very dark in the party.”

The report hit the Turkish headlines today, a mixed witch hunt began to figure out who the identity of the “Informer”. Conspiracy theory once again reached its apex and the essence is once more lost. The problem is not who is talking, the crux of the topic is, what he/she is saying. Reuters surely has the name of the AKP member and due to reciprocity will keep his/her identiy secret, which is the normal procedure. For them to publish this report was not to stress the identity of the informer, but to stress the content.

the informer put the sheer reality, we are very very concerned, our fate lies in the hands of the 11 Constituional Court Judges, however, I would like to ask this informer, where were you when you left your fate in the hands of “One MAN”, Mr. Erdogan? Due to the nature of the AKP’s Machiavellian or let’s put it in the Turkish discourse, the Sultanist mentality, the leader had the absolute control over “HIS” party. Nearly all the MP’s were hand-picked after Mr. Erdogan proudly declared that he made a camp at home for 2 days to search for his candidates. Wake up I would like to say all these informer buddies, wake up and wash ur face, and look again. Do you see what I mean?



May 21, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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