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Sea Taxis – Deniz Taksisi Bosphorus

Istanbul Seabuses and Fast Ferries Inc. announced their newest: The Sea Taxis which will begin to cruise the strait of Bosphorus full capacity by the September. They can travel with a speed of 18 knots. I searched to find out what kind of a pollution it will cause, and how many litres of benzin it will consume, but I could not manage to gather any information. Sure it is a next step in Bosphorus, more individual, targeting the middle-upper classes. It can take up to 10 passanger and 1 operator, and some destinations and duration is as follows:

Beylerbeyi-Ortaköy (32 YTL, 6 dakika/minutes)
Kalamış-Bebek (86 YTL, 23 dakika/minutes)
Çengelköy-Beşiktaş (37 YTL, 7 dakika/minutes)


May 22, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily

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