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The Deficit of Leadership – the latest clash between the judiciary and the executive

According to the 1982 Turkish Constitution, tailored for the pleasure of the Junta, the President is located in a precarious situation. Though being irresponsible through its place, the holder of the seat can play crucial role in case of crisis of authority. The late Turkish President Turgut Özal, was the sole example of the utilisation of the Presidential leeway to its extremes. During the Gulf War of 1991, this style reached its zenith, when Turgut Özal a la Presidential governed the process nearly single-handedly. Süleyman Demirel also put his extreme at the service of the state during the 28 Subat Process. Ahmet Nejdet Sezer, was a man of law a colourless bureaucrat and he played his role with precision.

Many discussed about Abdullah Gül as being too active to sit still at Cankaya, and his initial appearance of a Kurdistan and South-east Turkey tour, and his salvos concerning foreign policy strengthened this view. however, once the crisis became visible, and the clouds over Ankara began to get darkened, Abdullah Gül in my opinion lost the touch. the latest trial at the Constitutional Court,put him also in a position of Republican enemy number 2. Of course put upon that the rumours about the problems between him and PM Tayyip Erdogan which is mostly played upon their wives. Emine Erdogan’s stance towards Hayrinüsa Gül is the gossip in the town superimposed over the political duo. To put things worse, his one time comrade in arms, Abdüllatif Sener also blamed him to be too obsessive to elevate himself to the highest echelons and sidelining Tayyip Erdogan’s consensual modus.
Nevertheless, we can observe this psychology from Mr. Gül’s latest silence. The judiciary and the executive of the country came neck to neck, pushing both to the point of saturation and the lost of legitimacy and the division of the society into two. In times of dire straits leadership comes to the forefront. As the President of the Republic, the head should intervene in a delicate way creating a win-win situation for both and calming the waters. However, Mr. Gül even begins to think about the the initiative after Devlet Bahceli of MHP’s call for intervention. Up till now everything is not good, and we are falling with an incredible speed from the top of an apartment a la La Hain.


May 22, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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