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Turgut Özal and Indiana Jones? Ertugrul Özkök’s Latest..

in his latest column, the admiral of the Turkey’s potemkin, Hürriyet daily of the Dogan Media Company, wrote about Indiana Jones, and associated him with Turgut Özal. It is indeed a very interesting to read this, because the article is full of logical errors. Correspondingly, Indiana Jones is represented as a hero at the age of the new world order, the rising star of the American (for Özkök) triumph. in his words:

Indiana Jones işte bu yeni çağın ilk filmiydi. iğdiş edilmiş hayallerimize; macera denilen keşif ve fetih duygusunu, kök hücre eker gibi ekmişti. O ve George Lucas’ın “Yıldız Savaşları”; Potemkin Zırhlısı’yla uyuşturulmuş dimağlarımızı bir anda azat etmişti. Açılmıştı… Dünyayı daha net görmeye başlamıştık. “Indiana Jones was the first film of this new epoch.  It planted as if planting a stem cell, the feeling of exploring and conquering which is called adventure, into our castrated dreams”

bow wow wow… What a perverse interpretation of Indiana Jones. To recall, Indiana Jones is one of the most racist and most fascist and most perversive films of the Holywood industry, it is the temple of orientalism as Hani Shukrallah Al-Ahram Weekly puts it. (1) To recall, the late genius Edward Said, Orientalism, which was the exploration of the ambivalent relationship between the civilisations. According to Said, Orientalism was the western study of Eastern civilisations, streching from the Masreq to Magreb and to the Arabian peninsula, roughly the area of the late Ottoman Empire and beyond. Orientalism characterises and classifies the “other” and defines it through its google. this means a special type of domination, in which the characteristics of the dominated as Robert Cox puts it (2002.p.142) have been defined by the dominant. The dominator, knows the dominarted, better then they know themselves, and projects it under the umbrella of hegemony a delicate mixture of consent and coercion and creates a subordination.

in a wider context, this is what happened to Özkök, he absorbed the terminology of the dominant, the hegemonic discourse.  The elites, and organic intellectuals like Özkök, who are in a position to influence masses through their media empires are as Cox puts it again thus by doing so absorbed into an alien universalism. i quote “Kinhide Mushakoji has sued the term ‘occultation’ to describe the manner in which the thought processes of one civilisation have been displaced by those of another dominant one. Yet the thought processes of the dominated are not totally suppressed, but remain latent, ready to be aroused by some crisis (Mushakoji, 1997, Cos, 2002. p.167).

to continue  in a astonishingly strange way, Özkök puts it that the coup of the 1980, and its aftermath (he doesnt write it but the massive purge of all kinds of intellectuals, members of political parties, the executions of 17 old children, and many other atrocities which i may not wish to quote now), was in his opnion someting good. because, in his words “our brains exhausted by teror and politics began to look at the word during that pause”. “Bana göre çok da iyi olmuştu. Çünkü terörden ve siyasetten bitap düşmüş dimağlarımız, o arada dünyaya bakmaya başlamıştı.”

how can someone talk about democracy then? o la la… the most dramatic part of Özkök’s imagination was to portray Turgut Özal as an Indiana Jones coming into the turkish domain…an orientalist indiana jones? racist and fascist? or what is Özkök talking about, the Holywood version sunny-boy? but he ends so…Acaba kırbaçlı adam ufkumuzu yine açabilecek mi? Can the man with the whipper again open up new horizons?”

i would say, what is this? another coup, and another export? o la la…


May 22, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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