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High Tension Rising

We have witnessed one of the stressful weeks of the last months, it was kind of a preliminary eruption, a moment of release. The judiciary and the universities backed up the latest comments about the AKP. The picture is gloomy, one side is feeling extremely sidelined and in fear over-reacts, other side has no idea an tries to save the day. This is a clear manifestation of the uprising crisis of hegemony in Turkey, or in other words the crisis of authority. The AKP and its coalition, which followed a delicate way to build up an alternative hegemonic bloc vis-a-vis the Vanguard at one moment became the hope of transformation. However, due to the dialectics inherent within the leadership style and ideology of the AKP, they lost their legitimacy vis-a-vis a great segment of the finance capital and foreign investors. The volatility in Turkish politics once again reminds the lost 90s.

The clash between the judiciary and the executive is by no means a minor incident, and it has to be analysed in depth, because it crystallises the debate between the Vanguard, or the classical ruling elites, or the ancient regime and the aspiring new classes.

One point to look at is to understand the motivation which leads a chain reaction within the judiciary and some segment of the university, as a common bloc to protect the Republican regime. It is a very pathological situation, to defend the republic from a party that gained nearly %47 of the popular vote. Of course AKP tactically tried to follow its own agenda, its own hegemonic project, which also entails a shift in the cultural, social, economic, political, language, ethics and all other segments of the social life. As much as it became evident that the seeds began to flourish, this put the Vanguard, which refuses to dislodge again into a carefully balanced march position from absolute defence. First the military, then other political parties, some civil society gatherings, then the judiciary, some former members of the AKP, the dosage of criticism began to surmount. We are approaching the final attack, lets wait and see…


May 26, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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