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Giambattista Vico – Stanley Kubrick and the Space Odyssey

Giambattista Vico once said that he tried to think back to the origins of the society and it took him good 20 years to try to move from the highly refined state of thought in which he, himself, in the 18th century was immersed, to go back to those earliest human beings at the beginning of the time when they were trying to express themselves and communicate their meanings. (Interview with Cox, p.17).

We know that Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess has something to do with the Vichian analysis of the cycle. The Ludo-Vico Method is by no surprise is a message in that direction. I don’t know if Kubrick ever read Vico, but I guess during the filming of the Clockwork Orange he came across Vico and also James Joyce who had an affect on Burgess. Nevertheless, I do think that the dawn of the man is indeed a study in the Vichian sense.


May 27, 2008 - Posted by | Film Reviews

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