The things you own end up owning you.

When the makers of Paranoia becomes the Victims of Paranoia

Nowadays, Turkish media is busy on the “telekulak” “telephone tapping” issue. First one member of the Constitutional Court following a paranoia that he is followed with a lorry for sometime, stopped one and it came out to be a Narcotics civil police, who supposedly was not behind the Constitutional Court judge but another incident. Quite interesting situation indeed. Later, the General Secretary of the CHP, Önder Sav blamed an Islamic media to issue the whole text of his conversation with a Republican governor which took place in the CHP headquarters.

Cold War did not end, it just took a different disguise. What I mean by this is, the institutions which were built during the Cold War, such as the CIA methods did not diminish in the aftermath of the end of the Cold War. Especially, the myth of the “national security state”, the propaganda of the “internal” and “external” enemies of the “sacred state” and the “nation” became a part of the mental dictionary of the Turkish populace. These ideas became in a way inter-subjective, that there is a deep psychological suspicion among the members of the society. These suspicions became embedded in the minds and the hearts, so that the makers of these also became victims of the empire of fear they built by their hands.

Turkey wants to be a member of the European Union, but recent incidents illustrates the long distance Turkey still has to fulfil its dreams. This suspicion is also directed towards the Europe, whereas Turkey is the popular other of the conservative European leaders, Europe is becoming the other of the conservative Turkish leaders at the same time. The latest uproar of the Judiciary also stems from this phenomenon, the reason that AKP first consulted the “Europeans” not “us” the “European judicial system” not “our Republican judicial system” and the examples continues.

The sad thing is some part of this paranoia is actually reality, that is what makes paranoia more and more stronger and more addictive. MIT- Turkish Intelligence Agency, is one of the most secretive organisations of the state apparatus. The end of the Cold War had virtually no affect on the covert actions and operations of this organisation… Yes the Frankenstein they made is at theatres around Turkey…

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May 29, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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