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Turkish Constitutional Court Undoes AKP’s lifting of the “Headscarf” ban at the Universities

Mr. Tayyip Erdogan, the current PM of Turkey, opened up the Pandora’s box whilst on a foreign visit to Spain in January, due to the “Civilisations Summit”. Responding to a question on the ban of headscarf at the Universities, Mr. Erdogan commented “Velev ki türban siyasi simge olsun, buna yasak getirebilirmisiniz? – even if the headscraft is a political symbol, can you prohibit this?” This sentence ignited long accumulated decisiveness to allow the headscarf for the side of the AKP. The nationalist MHP was eager to join Erdogan and in a tactical move to take away the “headscarf card” from the AKP’s cartel. The pro-Kurdish DTP also bandwagoned and with 403 votes the ban on the scarf was lifted at the universities. President Gül ratified the bill on 22nd of February.

The coalition of university teachers, and the CHP took the issue to the Constitutional Court and the process began some time ago. It was indeed important because the decision would also affect the court case on the AKP’s possible ban.

This is nevertheless, another episode of the fight for hegemony within Turkish state/Society complex. The AKP who managed to establish a power bloc, used the scarf issue as one of the cultural meeting points to mobilise the masses. However, instead of taking the issue to a national discussion, it was executed from the top.


June 7, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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