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Understanding the Rift – AKP and the Vanguard

The latest decision of the Constitutional Court once again highlighted the vast rift between the AKP government and the state organs, or the Vanguard bureaucracy. In order to understand the rift, we have to understand the point of views and the “clash area”.

Simply put, the so-called Kemalist bureaucracy, aspires, intersubjectively to protect its very existence, or the place within the state apparatus, and aims to establish a strictly secular Turkey. It appears so, the same so-called Kemalists opened up the way to the Turkish-Islamic Synthesis in the 1980s. So one has to be careful whilst generalising or idealising. It also wants to reach a consensus, which is strengthened by its cooperatist nostalgia.

The AKP, is the more sidelined more alienated segment of the society. They got their golden chance in the aftermath of the 1980 coup, and all doors were virtually opened to their brotherhoods and networks. They were welcomed in the Ministry of Education, they were welcomed in all segments of the state bureaucracy. And there was a tacit alliance on some fundamental symbolic issues such as the “headscarf” issue. During the 1990s, they established the best ever grass-roots organisations, much more better than that of the ultra-nationalist MHP, and combined them under a new myth. During the bottlenecks of the 1990s, the pains of the neoliberal destructuring processes, the alienated masses took refuge under the banned or Islam under the banner of the Welfare Party. The tradition continued and the voices began to be louder. The 28 Subat Process was a reversal of the Turkish-Islamic Synthesis from above. The high command wanted to put an end to the corruption from both sides, and wanted to defense their rights against the rising tide of the Islamisation process.

Nowadays, the rift continues. The vanguard is eager to continue his role of “vanguard”. It does refuse to retreat nor reach a consensus. The role of the teachers of populace is once more on the agenda. The AKP, feels itself trapped, and in the chess broad of Turkish politics, plays all his bets on Mr. Erdogan’s head. We will see, but up till now, we can assess that the process is no more a process of legalities. it is a permanent fight between the two sides, and at the end none shall win. The puzzle is who will be the Caesar in such a stalamate?

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June 8, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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