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Complete Chaos and Zihni Sinir Projects

In the aftermath of the Constitutional Court’s decision on the headscarf issue, Turkish politics once again entered a tunnel of “zihni sinir – a Turkish cartoon character famous of his inventions” ideas.

First fire was shot by the Speaker of the Turkish National Assembly Köksal Toptan. Mr. Toptan is known as the liberal voice of the AKP. He is a long associate and supporter of Süleyman Demirel, the Justice Party, and the True Path Party (Adalet Partisi, Dogru Yol Partisi). He once contested Tansu Ciller in the Party congress and later resigned from the DYP and attended the AKP.

Mr. Toptan offered the amendment of the Constitution and the establishment of a bicameral Parliamentary system. According to Hürriyet English online service: Köksal put it this way: “The bicameral system will help us to ease the burden of the Constitutional Court. In that case, the court will have the opportunity of working more comfortably,” he said. Turkey used to have a bicameral parliament up until 1980. “The senate was useful back then. It should have not been abolished,” Toptan said (1).

Later, the speaker of the Government Cemil Cicek, declined Toptan’s offer and said his party and the government has no plan whatsoever about establishing a bicameral system. Furthermore, Ahmet Iyimaya of the AKP according to Hürriyet English offered a proposal draft to allow the Turkish Parliament to suspend Constitutional Court rulings in certain debatable cases is not an opinion held by the party.

These are annual discussions in Turkey, there is a permanent discussion of changing the system or adapting the system for own purposes from both sides.  Though the country never officially governed by a Presidential system (albeit the Atatürk and Inönü years, plus Cemal Gürsel and other junta members), there is a permanent discussion of adopting a Presidential system, or a semi-Presidential system like the French example. There is also discussions opened up by former fascist General Kenan Evren about the “federation” system in Turkey. There is no agreement on the current administrative system, and there is no consensus on a possible agreeable amendment.

The canon is already fired, and the AKP now once again fights with the Jurisdiction to survive. And next weeks the tension will rise, as much as they feel entrapped by the so-called Kemalist elite, such Zihni sinir ideas will circulate, we will watch and see, try to understand and explain.

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June 9, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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