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Football, Xenophobia and Orientalism the Case of Switzerland versus Turkey

“De cette dichotomie, entre d’une part le “national”, dernier refuge des passions du monde ancien, et d’autre part le “transnational”, tremplin de l’ultra-liberalisme du monde nouveau, il resulte, pour l’amateur de football tout autant que pour les milieux gui gravient autour de ce sport, une veritable schizophreinie, extrement complexe…qui illustre finalemnt a la perfection le monde ambivalent dans lequel nous vivons tous”

“Torn between national feeling, the last refuge of the emotions of the old world, football fans and all those who gravitate round this sport suffer from a veritable schizophrenia. its extreme complexity provides a perfect illustration of the ambivalence of the world in which we all live.”

Quoted from Eric Hobsbawm, Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism, p.90 (Original quotation made by Pierre Brochand, “Economic, dimpomatie et football” in Pascal Boniface (Eds), Geopolitique du Football (Brussels, 1998), p.78.

The Swiss daily “Blick” before this week’s EURO 2008 match between Turkey and the host Switzerland proudly announced that “so or so, tonight we will have Döner”.  There is a double xenophobia in this  picture. Yakin, a Swiss national with a Turkish background is the Döner Man, cutting Fatih Terim dressed up like a Döner. The Turks are anyway döner people, I mean there can be another Swiss player cutting the meat,but no, it must be a Turk. Deep embedded stereotypes come to surface during such football circus months.


June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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