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Football, Xenophobia and Orientalism The Case of Rob Hughes

Rob Hughes from the New York Times published a strange example of xenophobia in his latest column (1). We began to quote and to deconstruct the text.

“Swedish referee Peter Frojdfeldt, the arbiter who lost the respect of many of us after ruling that Italy’s Christian Panucci was “active” while he lay wounded off the field of play in a previous match, did his best to afford some decent protection for the Czech players from the Turks.”

– decent protection from the Turks

“All the while, Fatih Terim, the Turkish coach was railing on the sideline. His actions gave the impression that he considered his Turks were challenging legitimately for the ball; either that or the rough tactics were to his orders.”

– railing on the sideline.. his Turks…

“A pity, because when Turks set out to play the game they possess pleasing talents on the ball, and a cunning much better applied to outwitting rather than hitting opponents. It was, presumably, meant to intimidate the Czechs – but why would they pick on Koller?”

– cunning, hitting, intimidate

“Terim again berated the poor fourth official because he had a man injured and wanted to make a third substitution, when that goal went in.”

– berate, poor official

“After 85 minutes Nihat Kahveci, always capable of predatory goal poaching, preyed on a dreadful piece of mishandling by Cech. The ball was in the goalkeeper’s grasp, in both hands, but he let it slip and Nihat gratefully struck.”

– predatory, dreadful

“The arbiter was also full justified in sending off goalkeeper Volkan for a cave man act of violence, throwing an opponent to ground. Even in victory, the Turks accepted disgrace.”

– cave man Volkan – Even in victory, the Turks accepted disgrace.

o la la, bu yaka sahaka!!! big time rob big time!



June 17, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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