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Genclik Ile El Ele – Mustafa Özkent Orkestrasi – 1973 Album

direct quote  from the website:

Mustafa Özkent started his career as a musician in 1960 with his youngsters band “Teenagers”, located in Ankara. It was called so, as no member was older than 19.  Later on, he formed his own band, the “Mustafa Özkent Orkestrasi” and cut some singles and this LP.  The LP “Elif” seems to be a solo work of Özkent, as only his name is on the cover.

Özkent was a demanded studio musician, too.  For example he participated at the Özel Türkbas belly dance album “Alla-Turca – The Turkish Way With Özel”. (El-Ay Records 2982; 1975). He is also known as a composer and arranger and still cuts albums. His latest LP “Dijital gitar” was released in 2005.”  Akin Erkan

“Gençlik Ile Elele” album is an odd combination of A-Go-Go, funk, psychedelica, loose improvisation without in advance too melodically structured ideas, based upon an Anatolian folk inspired crossover style. Very “western”, and at the same time exotic. A great album.

The first album is out on CD now :

Review I added on
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As a guitarist Mustafa was asked on various other albums, like Ozel Turkbas “Alla-Turca” – The Turkish Way With Ozel, a belly dance record on El-Ay Records 2982; 1975.
Info :

Audio : “Dolana Dolana

In 2007 Mustafa Özkent contacted me thanking me about the review, and telling me I was the first to discover his music in 2000 (playlist). He said he studied in Brussels ”Academie D’e music D’ixelles” and worked in Brussels Hilton in 1975-76. I said that also Baris was in Belgium to study. Barış was also close friend and they were together for a short time in Brussels at 1976. They worked together for a long time with Okay Temiz in Istanbul. Okay Temiz was in Sweden for a long time but now he is back in İstanbul. Allso Mogollar were amongst his friends. Sometimes they saw each other. When Mustafa worked in a big band as an arranger and guitar player at the Olympic games of Montreal 1976, they worked together with some belgian musicians. Mustafa also made some TV shows in Paris with his special guitar where he added extra frets to play traditional Turkish music. He also did some concerts in New York  Madison square garden. After all these adventures, he now is back in İstanbul, playing, composing, arranging, conducting and producing.

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