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Discussions on Bad Habits: Taraf Daily Newspaper Publishes Turkish Armed Forces Covert Operation Documents

Organisations and bureaucratic organisations have their own intersubjective memories and behavioural patterns which has been organised and developed through the historical scenes. Once the standard operation patterns becomes norm, and a part of the daily routine some of the bad habits could continue to prevail though the need for them and their existence would cause serious uproar and quite possibly lead to the questioning of the legitimacy of the bureaucratic organisation that is responsible for its misconduct.

The latest incident which was made public by the Taraf Daily can be an example of such a situation. However, we must add that the Turkish Armed Forces refused the allegations and in a statement named these as cheap propoganda (1). We cannot be sure of the authenticity of this document, however, the past can be a path to understanding the present. We have seen during the 28 February Process and onwards, that the Turkish Armed forces indeed organised covert bureaus within its administration to collect information and disseminate disinformation concerning the actions of the Islamic Welfare Party. We can speculate that such a document can be real by remembering the NOKTA Weekly incident, where memoirs of a former high ranking official was published which included schemes to organise a coup d’etat and for these purposes organise in all segments of the civilian, military bureaucracy and establish criss-cross contacts with the intelligentsia, universities, media, judiciary nearly all other segments which are perceived as possible allies in the fight against the so-called fundamentalist menace (sarcasm emphasised).

We might not go into detail about the document but focus on the organisation of this document. It means that some certain ideas, which are indeed unlawful, but has been a norm within the organisation, especially one which has an enormous relative autonomy which has not been curtailed at least in the last 48 years. The legitimacy is also given to the ranks with internal laws, to defend the Turkish Republic during war and peace times. A permanent observer, the Vanguard, a self-attained role of supremacy and self-written role of the enlightened leaders.  But what if the ideals come short of the changing times, what if the once carrier of the modernist ideas and jargon becomes embedded in its self, cannot progress itself in the light of the changing circumstances, the originating of a conservative problem-solving approach to policy making, thus the symptoms of a burden organisation. The burden organisation is meant to slow down the actual “lauf der dinge” through its “organisational bad habits”.



June 21, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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