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Ceyhan Mumcu and the AKP

Yavuz Donat in his latest column commented on his dialogue with Ceyhan Mumcu, brother of Ugur Mumcu and in his words someone who gave his life to illimunate his brother’s assasinaiton. Donat asks Mumcu,  whether someone from the government ever invited him to hear his ideas. Mr. Mumcu answers: “Hayır… Olmadı… Danıştay saldırısını bile önceden öğrendim, gereken uyarıyı yaptım, yine davet edip nereden bildiğimi, neler bildiğimi soran çıkmadı.” “no, nobody came to ask me, I even know the attack on the Danistay before hand, i made the required warning, but again, nobody invited me, asked me how I knew this and what I knew.”

This is a serious allegation, and it puts a question mark on AKP’s attitude on the Ergenekon case, is it a trumpcard against the Constitutional Court, or is it aimed to make a new democratic opening? I tend to beleive the former following Mr. Mumcu’s remarks.


July 16, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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