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Thoughts on Ergenekon 27/7/08

And a rabbit came out of the hat. This is the psycho of many nowadays in Turkey. They are disappointed that the “Ergenekon” trial did not touch upon the memoirs of coups! We can go back to the agreement between the Yasar Büyükanit and Tayyip Erdogan, that took place in the Dolmabahce office of the Prime Minister. Nobody managed to figure out what that meeting was about because both parts kept their silence up till now. However, we can see that in the aftermath of the meeting, General Büyükanit, who has a hard-line critic of the Presidential Elections began to remain silence. And during the Ergenekon trials, the army did not involve nor speculated about its former members.

By now we also know that the AKP knew these plots long time ago. They could have intervened and stopped this organisation to get active before the Danistay attacks. In my opinion, Mr. Erdogan simply showed the General the direction of the trial and that it will touch some former army men.  General Büyükanit, reached a deal to stay silent but in exchange of military immunity. The active officers will remain intact and untouched. We can see that the ‘memoirs of a coup’ are indeed left intact and untouched.

In the broader context, this is the purge of a “covert” adventurists who still intersubjectively live in the days of the Cold War. Theirs is a failed attempt at coup. The Kizilelme Coalition which began after 2001, the ultra-nationalists, the Labour Party and other raudies, such as ex-Pashas, ex-intelligence men. But there is an Ergenekon which is greater than these, which are behind the Dink assasinations, and many others, that remains intact. And this is a first step, but without the big problem solved, I am sceptical.


July 27, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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