The things you own end up owning you.

and the AKP saves its neck

In a recent opinion piece, we have mentioned that there are indeed two clashing alternatives for the future transformation of the Turkish state/society complex. The first option was that of the territorial option which would take the upper hand in case of a ban on the AKP and its highest echelons. The second was that of the transnational option that would manifest itself in case of AKP’s saving its neck from the Constitutional Court. By now we can say that the second option prevailed for Turkey. The purges of the “nationalist-leftist” so-called red apple coalition and its complete removal from the Turkish Armed Forces, in case of a legitimacy source also means the normalisation of politics for Turkey.

Now the ball – using the Prime Minister’s favourite terminology of “football” – is on the side of the AKP and we will see if  short-passes in the narrow field would continue or a systematic attack would take place. The new epoch can be both the same old game up-loaded or a genuine change in the AKP’s former pattern of behaviour and politics. I am not sure the second option can take place, because change albeit possible takes place drop by drop. I await a short-time honeymoon which will erupt with the decision on the DTP. In my opinion, AKP will be forced to back up the DTP and put an end to its closure in terms of being loyal to its cause and sympathising with the European Union and the ‘Empire’. The ancient coalition of the MHP and CHP would fuell the discussion by pumping populist nationalism into the veins of their supporters and constrain the relations once more.

We will see, at least this scene is closed, it was really getting bored and banal…


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