The things you own end up owning you.

The Justice and Development Party and Corruption: the Case of Saban Disli

After a long time of extreme obsession with ‘Kemalism’ the CHP mounted a serious attack on one of the leading figures of the governing AKP. The CHP took the allegations into the Parliament and the crux of the matter was the attitude of the AKP. The word ‘justice’ is one of the motto’s of the AK-Party (A clear indication of their ‘white’ ‘clearness’ vis-a-vis the corrupt regimes of the last two century’), and one of the fundementals of its populist policy, that of putting an end to the widespread corruption of the older regime.

Saban Disli is the deputy Chairman of the AKP,an influential and a close-comrade of Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan. Mr. Disli, once became a politician declared that he ended up his financial life and concentrates himself to the nation. however, the company he built with his cousin began to flourish once Disli was in the higher echelons of the AKP. Accordingly, the company bought a land for the Tesco-Kipa and once the grand law was amanded sold the parcel to the multi-national concern. The CHP clearly documented the bribery and the utilisation of political power for personal gains, which amounts a sum of nearly 1 million dollars.

The handling of the issue by the mainstream media, namely the Dogan holding was the opening of the ‘clash’ between the AKP and its critics. It was signalling the opening up of a new era in Turkish politics, virtually after three years of intense debate concerning the issue of ‘secularism’ and ‘islamism’, the century old debate between the Vanguard and the popular Islamist political movement.


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