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Iceman Talks Cold: Turkish Chief of Staff Ilker Basbug’s comments on the Aktütün incident

Ilker Basbug, the Chief of Staff of the Turkish Armed forces is portrayed as the “iceman” and someone who does not like to speak alot in public. However, following the critical attitude of the media concerning the Aktütün incident which took place on 3rd of October, in which the Turkish Armed forces lost 17 soldiers, General Basbug faced the cameras and gave an extraordinary harsh speech.  The Turkish daily “Taraf” which began to search the reasons behind the devastating attack on the frontier outpost began its stance first by showing the head of the Air Forces playing golf while the incident was taking place. Yesterday, the “Taraf” took the incident again to its headlines and this tiem claimed that the attack was well known by the Turkish armed forces before it took place. The newspaper also used video footage from the Heron pilotless airplane cameras. In these footage it is visible that the PKK was building its forces behind the lines in attack positions.

Org. Basbug, commented today on the incident with a harsh tone. He said that those who leaked these documents and those who used it will be sued. and anybody who illustrates PKK’s attacks as success will be a partner in crime of the blood that would be spilled.

This was the second blow to the Turkish army, after the photos of the Head of the Air Forces playing golf during the incident. The credibility of the army, which was immune from critique up till today, nevertheless took a harsh blow. but nevertheless, the mainstream media continues to halt a blind eye attitude.


October 30, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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