The things you own end up owning you.

Deniz Baykal’s Metamorphosis

herseyi-ustume-yapacan-miOne day, as Deniz Baykal was waking up from anxious dreams in which his rival T. Erdogan repetitively defeated him in the elections, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a tolerant-peace loving politician. The first thing that came to his mind was to recruit as many as women with headscarf to the Republican People’s Party – Chumhuriyet Halk Partisi. With this enthusiasm he jumped out of the bed and headed to the Party headquarters.  Whilst in the car he told the driver to stop by a tank-station and fetch a Orhan Gencebay cd. As he was by now a tolerant politician he wanted to catch up the things he lost in the last half of a century. The driver looked with astonished eyes and did what it’s told.

295320In the beginning of the CD Orhan Gencebay was talking about his music life and before singing his “Batsin bu dünya – let this world sink” classic he was saying “Daha güzel, daha mutlu, daha adil sevgi dolu bir dünya icin, baris icin, insanlik icin batsin bu dünya – For a better, for a happier, for a juster love-full world, for peace, for humanity let this world sink”. Deniz Baykal liked this, and as Orhan Gencebay was “the” popular guy in town, why not he wouldnt be the same. He called the party headquarters and told them to print a big poster saying – ulusal birligimiz icin, bayragimiz icin,  özgürce ibadet icin, baris ve kardeslik icin, laik demokratik türkiye icin CHP’Ye – for our national unity, for our flag, for the right to prey freely, for a secular democratic Turkey votes to CHP”. The party members were found of this new idea and the new opening.

Later he went to the Sultanbeyli municipality in Istanbul, one of the castles of the AKP in Istanbul. First time in the history of the RPP, Deniz Baykal was hand in hand with the people which he opposed for a short time, the religious-conservative circles and women with headscarf. As i said, Deniz Baykal changed a lot since the morning. Behind the talking scene, he had his new poster and a big laugh in his face. Yeah the story of the metamorphosis 🙂


December 4, 2008 - Posted by | Turkish daily, Turkish Politics

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