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Sagrada Familia de Barcelona

barcelona-532 Sometimes wandering in a foreign city, I am after a specific surprise effect.  I experienced it first in my youth, due to our visits to the Agean region, and the antic Greek ruins. The pictures I saw, turns suddenly into reality. But the best part, is the unexpectedness of the surprise effect.

In Ephesus, when you walk along the Grand Anfi Theatre, you sense the Celsus Library is somewhere near. But you dont see it, it is hidden. When you reach the end of the straight marmor stoa, on the right hand side, you at once see the Celsus. It is a stunning surprise.

As I was 20, in my first visit to London, I got off from the embankment tube station I guess, and i was walking on the grand steet. I remember the excitement, where was Big Ben. I could see on the map it was just near. I was so excited that in the crowd before the corner, I asked the Policeman, Where is the Big Ban?, He said, take your time and your camera out, it’s just at the corner right there. I walked and I was big time stunned. A sudden rush of seratonin and the feeling of flying one step above.

I had a similar feeling in Barcelona, as we were walking to the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi. To be honest, I was no fan of Gaudi before, I thought it was also similar to Hundertwasser what I saw in Vienna and somewhere in West Germany.  However, after seeing Parl Güell, I was really in to him. As we were walking slowly and chatting I realised that our host was slowing down, and on the left hand side, I saw her, the Sagrada Familia. This is what I saw, but it does not show what I felt. It was just that stunning surprise, the feeling I chase in journeys.


April 29, 2009 - Posted by | Cities I Like

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