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Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali

Luis Buñuel met Salvador Dali along with other forecoming prominent figures of 1920s Spain in Madrid while studying at the University of Madrid (today it’s called Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Buñuel, Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca were all staying at the newly opened University Dormotory (Residencia de Estudiantes).

The picture on the right hand side was painted by Dali as a present to Buñuel. In an interview,Buñuel tells that this is the only picture hanged on the walls of his house. This derives from Buñuel’s arachnophobia, and his paranoia that spiders can hide themselves behind the picture frames 🙂

So, this is for today, tomorrow I will continue to write about Buñuel’s relationship with Dali and other figures.


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