The things you own end up owning you.

Charles bukowski’s “impossibility”

Shakespeare   a plagiarist

Beethoven with a horn stuck into his head against deafness

the impossibility the impossibility

Nietzsche gone totally mad
the impossibility of being human
all too human
this breathing
in and out
out and in
these punks
these cowards
these champions
these mad dogs of glory
moving this little bit of light toward us

“Beasts Bounding Through Time” (1986)


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90 Years ago Today Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht shot dead in Berlin

Am Vorabend ihrer Ermordung schrieb Rosa Luxemburg

„Die Führung hat versagt. Aber die Führung kann und muss von den Massen und aus den Massen heraus neu geschaffen werden. Die Massen sind das Entscheidende, sie sind der Fels, auf dem der Endsieg der Revolution errichtet wird. Die Massen waren auf der Höhe, sie haben diese ‚Niederlage‘ zu einem Glied jener historischen Niederlagen gestaltet, die der Stolz und die Kraft des internationalen Sozialismus sind. Und darum wird aus dieser ‚Niederlage‘ der künftige Sieg erblühen. – ‚Ordnung herrscht in Berlin!‘ Ihr stumpfen Schergen! Eure ‚Ordnung‘ ist auf Sand gebaut. Die Revolution wird sich morgen schon ‚rasselnd wieder in die Höhe richten‘ und zu eurem Schrecken mit Posaunenklang verkünden: ‚Ich war, ich bin, ich werde sein!‘“

The leadership has failed. Even so, the leadership can and must be recreated from the masses and out of the masses. The masses are the decisive element, they are the rock on which the final victory of the revolution will be built. The masses were on the heights; they have developed this ‘defeat’ into one of the historical defeats which are the pride and strength of international socialism. And that is why the future victory will bloom from this ‘defeat’.’Order reigns in Berlin!’ You stupid henchmen! Your ‘order’ is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will already ‘raise itself with a rattle’ and announce with fanfare, to your terror:
I was, I am, I shall be!

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Diary of a Phd (2)

aa28.july 2009

Alas! the cursor is blinking

and me is thinking, thinking and dreaming

how i love to cast away the time when i am supposed to write

but maybe this is my writing style, to cast away, to come back, to write some words and to cast away again. Every Samuria has a sword holding style, and a fundamental point in writing is to create not the writing style per se, but the writing style in essence.

yes back to work now, i have a good idea!

u see it works

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very stange, when the rain begins to plunder iin berlin, quality of the the telephone connection at home deteriorates, reminds me the telephone calls of 1980s  istanbul.

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Diary of a Phd

Yeah, I’ve decided to create an online diary of my PhD writing process. Yes, I should admit, I am seven years late to embark on this mission, but alas! the essential point is to have fun while reflecting this tunnel situation.  Yes, I call it the tunnel situation, cause, up until the day you hand in this work, you are going to travel in a dark and long tunnel. of coursse subjectively thinking and exagerrating. it will stick on your mind and sometimes you may feel yourself like Raskolnikov, obsessed about a certain topic which turns in your head like a hamster turnin in a sad and miserable wheel 🙂 yes, this is the negative interpretation of the process. let me introduce the positive interpretation as well. you will learn everyday something new, and molecularly you will realise that your brain expands in all dimensions. the things you thought at the begining will change during the journey. like a papillon collector, you will come across to new species, wonderful butterflies 🙂

yes, for today this is enough.

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Ana dilinde yazmak, evet biraz da bu alana yogunlasmak gerekli diye düsündüm biraz evvel. Girdap’tan kurtulmanin yollari nelerdir diye düsünüyordum, Türkce yazmayi düsünmeden önce. Aklima gelen ilk cözüm, dimdik yukari gökyüzüne bakmak.

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