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Together Through Life


I have been together through life with bob dylan, consciously since 1999. The first Dylan song i heard, and tried to understand and explain was “Blowing in the Wind”. Since then, “things have changed”, and “most of the time” I repetitively listen to Dylan’s songs. This month, he will be out once again, with his new album “Together through life.”

Here is some links for digging in

Listen to the Song:

Dylan talks about the new album with Bill Flanagan:

Alex Ross: Music Critic of the New Yorker:

Dylan talks with the “the Times” on Obama and his new album:

Los Angeles Times’ Music Critic Ann Powers:

Mojo’s Michael Simmons:


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Bob Dylan’s “Drawn Blank Series” paintings of Dylan

some paintings of  Bob Dylan from the “Drawn Blank Series”

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Bob Dylan Interview

hahah 🙂

interviewer: there is a difference between you and the 60s and the Bob Dylan today?

Bob: I couldnt tell you, is there a difference between you and the 60s and you todaY?

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They’re selling postcards of the Hanging: A Thought on the Turkish Media.29.3.08

They’re selling postcards of the hanging
They’re painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town

The circus never left the town in case of the Turkish Republic. They always sold postcards of the hangings, they applauded the generals, they cheered for the fundamentalists, they acknowledged the wisdom of cowards hiding behind the man with the blue eyes. They are the spin-doctors of the Turkish society. Like the Ottoman intellectuals, they love the West but never give afford to understand it thoroughly. Orientalism is nailed in their hads, became a modus operandi of their perceptions. They never tried to understand the European Union, they could not even manage to be organic intellectuals of the Round Tables. They sell postcards of the hangings, and they write stories beneath those, they love their nation above all.

They have also their orientalisms, they also have their genetic code of racism mostly. The British holigans deserved to be ripped by the dis-located youth. The circus unfortunately never left the scene in Turkey. They slowly made the country a mega-circus, in which the clowns are kings. The clowns gives money and makes people cry in the prime-time. They earn money from tears, they sadistically exploit their own people. The clowns in this circus laugh to make u laugh, but never forget to take your purse from your pocket. Our clowns sell postcards of the hanging, the hanging of the Turkish democracy, which never managed to be a mature adult, which always had a knock on the head everytime she tried to talk. and memorised those postcards of the hanging thought by bloody clowns….

The lyrics are from the desolation road of bob dylan….

photo from:

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Give The Anarchist a Cigarette – I’m not THere

Give the anarchist a cigarette…whilst people were looking for a messiah to give the message, the religious side of the anti-culture, Bob was talkin about anarchy, communism and other stuff. Being you and changing is not appreciated. You got to stay as you are and as it is told to be. so give the anarchist a cigarette can be seen as the metaphor of the I’m not there, but from which direction? the myth and the different faces of the myth, or the man and the myth clashing constantly. bob’s fame is his dark shadow. always one step to close, always behind ur neck. so u change, and you are not there.

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I’m not There Film Trailer

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I’m Not There Film Review

I’m Not There is Todd Haynes latest film (2007). According to the plotline can be summarised as ” Ruminations on the life of Bob Dylan, where six characters embody a different aspect of the musician’s life and work” (1) The name of the film derives all the way long Dylan’s basement tapes days. So it was born around 1967 -1975 and the Band was also a family member in its recordings, however the song was never released before.


the photo is taken from


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Bob Dylan

bob-dylan-cadillac-escalade_11.jpgYes, this is an article in progress and throughout the span of this blow it will develop itself. My first acquaintance with Bob Dylan dates back to 1999. I was in London and a good friend of mine Ömer had a cd of Bob Dylan. I heard some songs in his room at the Student Residence. Then came the winter break and I went back to home to Izmir. Whilst there one of the first things i did was to find some Bob Dylan songs and download them. the first one i downloaded was “Blowing in the Wind”. It blew my mind, it was something magical, something so poetic and at the same time so warm. And that was the time I said to myself, i have never heard something like this and i have to dig deep.

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