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How To Cope With Depression


an article on the methods to cope with permanent or temporarily depression.

First of all, the writer of this “how to file” is by no means a professional within the field of the “medicine”. Therefore, anybody who reads this file, should be well aware that these are the ideas, and comments of a “non-professional”, thus should by no means be taken as professional advices. Anybody seeking advices on the issue of “depression” should seek a professional and not waste her or his time with reading this page. after you see a doctor or a therapist and after you learn the professional skills and methods, you can come and pop-in to see what other people think about this very serious illness. however, if you insist on reading my article, it is perfectly “ok” for me, but just let me re-iterate the bottom line- this is no professional help page! it is just a bunch of ideas of an individual who coped with both depression and people with depression.

Ok , after this preliminary remarks, we can move on the discussion. first of all, in this article, i will use the world “depression” as a category, not as a specific form of “depression” because there are many, from dystimic to seasonal and many more others. however, for me depression is, a feeling of uneasiness, a permanent fight with the self, which continued more than 6 months, and which though dissapearing from time to time comes back with same pace it once was.

How can we assess the level of depression we have? my golden method is to check the psychosomatic symptoms. these can be stomach aches, fastening of heart beats, headaches, sleep disturbances, obsessive thinking on specific subjects… if these clearly stop you from functioning in your own rhythm, than it is obvious that the bells are ringing, the question is for whom? obviously for the one who feels it at the first, but also for every individual surrounding.

think about the power of a laugh, if someone laughs or smiles at you, it is though without verbal communication has an affect on the other. such is depression, and depressive mood, it also projects itself to the immediate environment. so to ask friends or close people, hey do you see something different in me nowadays? or do i look ok to you? is also a good method to assess the level. not to forget, our brain works selectively and cannot deduct all, but others do see us, and do feel us, so their ideas , not so deepen just about the mood will be helpful to realise the current state of mind.

how to cope with depression? hmmm, first you have to understand your own depression. and it requires a great deal of time and energy and professional help is a prerequisite.

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