The things you own end up owning you.

Ships of Bosphorus

Yeah this is also a lovely topic which should be thought.


Imagine you are working in the public or private transportation business. It is a business in it? And imagine the working environments. for example take the metro or the tube system. You simply work in a inhuman condition, stuck up in a dark tunnel illuminated by pale florescent lights, amplifying the feelingness and alienation. You simply live in the industrial time zone, it is constructed upon the idea of the same constant time at all times. it can be 3 o’clock it can be no’o clock. just the turning of the same disc.

Or take a bus driver, the chaos and the hectic of the day, the smell of burnt oil, the noise, the headache and the stress. or take any other transport vehicle. you will end up with physical stress and inhuman working conditions. In contrast, working in Istanbul’s Ship-transportation would be like living in paradise.

you are in the sea all the day, you are the luckiest of all civil servants, who is free to enjoy the Bosporus.

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